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Why Service With Pothier Motors?



There are a number of different aftermarket service operations competing for your business these days. While some may be slightly cheaper, they may not always be the best option. Below are a few reasons why you should only trust a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat dealer like Pothier Motors to take care of your vehicle.



1. Fluids- 30 years ago there were only a handful of fluid combinations that went into virtually all vehicles. Today's vehicles are highly complex, and are designed to work with a multitude of both conventional and synthetic oil weights and grades. Many aftermarket shops do not have access to the information required to ensure the proper grade is chosen. Even worse many do not even make an effort to do so because conventional grades are cheaper to purchase. Running the wrong oil in your vehicle can lead to oil consumption or complete engine failure. It will also affect fuel mileage in the short term. Many differentials and transmissions require special additives that allow the clutches to perform properly. We have seen aftermarket shops time and time again put standard gear oil in. This will lead to transmission and differential failure and can create a serious safety hazard by causing the clutches to bind.



2. Parts- All Parts Are Not Created Equal! The majority of aftermarket parts sold are what the industry calls "white box" parts. These are produced by the lowest bidder in an overseas factory with little or no quality control. They typically have a very short service life and can provide unsatisfactory performance. We have seen many of these parts fail in days, particularly cheap brakes. Many have limited warranty on the parts, but you are on the hook for the labour (usually the most expensive part of the repair) to replace them. By choosing genuine Mopar parts you ensure that you are getting the same genuine components that came on your vehicle from the factory.



3. Factory trained Technicians & State Of The Art Equipment- Vehicles today are extremely complex. The average vehicle has between 25 and 50 computers in it, meaning mechanics have to be as skilled at technical repairs as they are at mechanical ones. Diagnosing and repairing these systems requires a great deal of equipment and knowledge that aftermarket operations just don't have access to. Our technicians undergo rigorous training and have to be certified to a minimum level to do even basic repairs to your vehicle. We constantly re-invest in the most state-of-the-art equipment available to ensure we can diagnose and fix your vehicle as quickly and properly as possible.



4. Factory Updates and Recalls- As mentioned in the last point vehicles are comprised of series of computers, and just like your computer at home they need to be updated. The manufacturer constantly releases updates that improve the performance or function of your vehicle, and we check for them on every visit. The same goes for recalls. Missing a recall notice can prevent you from discovering a potentially dangerous fix required for your vehicle, and we notify you of any that are pending every time you are in.


5. Higher Trade-In And Resale Value- A vehicle that is serviced with the dealer always receives a higher trade-in value. We know that we will need to spend less on reconditioning it for sale, and also know we have a well maintained vehicle that we can sell in confidence to the next buyer. These service records are a powerful tool that you can use to sell or trade the vehicle down the road, regardless of whether it is another dealer or private sale.



6. Service Loaner Program- If your vehicle is going to be tied up a bit for repairs we have a complimentary service loaner to provide you. Demand can be a bit strong for them at peak periods, just make sure to give as much notice as possible to the advisors.

7. Complimentary Pickup-We will pick your vehicle up for service! Live out of town? We have several customers that we arrange pickups for in HRM and other areas. Talk to an Advisor and they will be happy to discuss the options we have available.


8. Friendly Staff- We are a family owned business and put our name behind everything we do. We carefully pick our staff to reflect the service experience we would like to receive. We post our personal cell numbers everywhere- If you're not satisfied, we want to know about it!


Chad and John Pothier, Owners


Michelle Veinot, Service Manager