Trade-In Appraisal

Value Your Trade-in Falmouth, Nova Scotia

Whether you are interested in purchasing a new vehicle, trading in your car, or just browsing inventory, visit Pothier Motors, the preferred dealership Chrysler dealership in the region. Located in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, Pothier Motors is a reputable dealership that serves the surrounding areas of Truro, Chester, Dartmouth, and New Minas. Treating each customer like our own family, we are known for offering great deals at unbeatable prices.

Understanding Your Vehicle Trade-In Options.

There are many ways to trade in your vehicle, but your options depend on your current vehicle's paying method. If it is leased, there are specific requirements that must be met. If you own the vehicle or are financing, that may lead to a different scenario. To trade-in a leased vehicle for another new lease, you need to visit your dealership or leasing company. Yet, the terms and conditions of your lease are included in your original lease agreement. Steps like requesting the payoff amount, getting your vehicle ready for trade-in, and determining its current value are critical to a successful transaction.

If you own the vehicle or are financing it, some of these steps remain the same. Getting a payoff amount or desired trade-in amount is where you should begin. While vehicles financed through a loan must be paid off for a trade-in vehicle, customers who own their vehicle outright should try to get as much value as possible out of their owned vehicle. Some buyers may trade in two vehicles at a time to generate a substantial down payment toward a new model.

Initiating The Trade-In Process.

The first step in trading in a car is to fill out the required form at Pothier Motors. This form informs us of your intent to trade-in a vehicle and allows us to document transactional details. While some dealerships will only give you the requested payoff for your vehicle, our dealership is committed to giving buyers a fair vehicle trade-in value. We want you to be as financially committed to your purchase as possible, and up-front pricing and trade-in values are part of that goal.

Financing Options.

Whether you have found a model you like on our new inventory page, or you are just exploring your options, Pothier Motors is here to help. Our financing application is available online or in person. Completing this document helps you get pre-approved and allows you to understand your budget better. You are welcome to contact us for more information about our current inventory and questions about trading in your vehicle. We also offer a used inventory packed with quality vehicles that other customers previously traded-in.