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What To Do When You Have A Flat Tire

What to Do When You Have A Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire can put a hamper on your trip or make you late for work. Ideally, you could use your vehicle's spare, but you will either need to get your car towed or fix the tire yourself when that is unavailable.

If you are in a safe spot, you can use an air compressor to refill the tire. Using soap water, you can locate the leak with relative ease. Once you have found the leak, you can use a tire-patch kit to repair the hole and get your vehicle back on the road.

In the chance where you have a flat tire while out on the road, you may need to use a tire puncture sealant. These attach to the valve stem and can be an alternative when you are in an emergency. These will typically be good for a short time, so you should bring your vehicle in to have the tire repaired adequately or replaced.

How much is a tire repair in Falmouth, Nova Scotia?

The cost will depend on the severity and number of spots where the tire needs to be repaired. If your vehicle needs to be towed, that is another cost to consider. If the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the tire or wheel. You can contact our service centre to get quotes on tires and repairs.

What kind of tire damage can be repaired?

Nails, glass and other debris can cause punctures in your tires. Typically, a plug or patch can be used to repair the damage. Cuts to the tires are usually harder to repair and may require you to replace the tire. Older tires may also start to crack, causing slow leaks. The worn-out material cannot be fixed quickly, and it is best to replace these tires with a new or quality used tire.

Can a tire bubble be repaired?

If your tire starts to get a tire bubble, the tire will need to be replaced. These bubbles are a sign that the structural integrity of the tire is failing. Tire bubbles can be caused by road hazards such as potholes. Other causes include low tire pressure and heavy loads on the wheels.

Regularly checking on your tire pressure can help prevent these tire bubbles from forming. Many newer models are equipped with tire pressure monitoring systems to let you know when the tire pressure is low.

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Do not let a flat tire or other tire issues stop you from heading out on your next trip. We invite you to contact us at our tire repair shop in Falmouth, Nova Scotia. We can answer your questions at our service centre. You can also visit our parts centre and other locations in Halifax, Truro, Chester, Dartmouth, and New Minas, Nova Scotia.

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