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Mitchell Veinot

Mitchell Veinot

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NSCC Auto Repair

Chrysler Courses/Certification

Service Advisor Advanced Course (Edwards and Assoc)

Walter Cutting Wheel Course

Avon View High School

Years at Pothier Motors:

Started in 2008

Position I Started In:

The Wash Bay-- Moved to Service Advisor Role in December of 2008



Side By Side Buggy Runs

Quote That Describes Me/The Way I Do My Job:

"One Can Not Have Too Many Cars, Said Every Petrolhead"

- Jeremy Clarkson

Mitch is a motivated, talented Service Advisor with a passion for helping people with all of their automotive needs. An indispensable member of the Pothier Motors Service Team, Mitch enjoys helping customers build their 'dream' trucks and jeeps and prides himself on his product knowledge.