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5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring

5 Tips To Prepare Your Vehicle For Spring


Five Spring Vehicle Maintenance Tips

At Pothier Motors, we are here to help you get your vehicle ready for all seasons and weather conditions. We strive to meet all of our customer's automotive needs by offering many services that make vehicle ownership effortless. Our dealership is in Falmouth, Nova Scotia, and customers from surrounding areas can utilize our directions page for turn-by-turn directions from any location directly to our front doors.

Five Tips For Spring Vehicle Maintenance

With every season, vehicle maintenance needs differ and to keep your vehicle running optimally, you will need to know how to upkeep your car. For spring maintenance, you will want to follow these five tips:

1. Change Winter Tires To All-Season Tires

The most important service you will need to do is change your tires to the proper tire set for the season to prolong their lifespan and ensure safety on the road.

2. Get Your Battery Checked

Batteries can be negatively affected by winter's cold temperatures, and during spring, it's the best time to check your battery's function. If it takes longer than usual to start your vehicle or experiences random electrical issues, have your battery checked by a professional.

3. Get Your Brakes Checked Or Replaced

After winter, rust can affect your brake's function, so make sure to have your brakes checked and replaced if needed. Some signs that your brakes need attention are squeaking noises when braking, vibrations in the steering wheel when you brake, or a soft brake pedal feel.

4. Change Your Oil & Check Fluids

Oil changes should be done every six months, so when the spring season hits, you will want to have your oil changed to protect the engine's internal components. Another good idea is to have your fluid levels checked to maintain your vehicle's performance and safety.

5. Clean Out Your Vehicle

After a long winter, your vehicle will benefit from interior and exterior cleaning. First, you will want to wash off any dirt or salt on the body and underbody to avoid rust on the exterior. Similarly, you will want to address any salt stains on the carpet to make your interior last longer and look better.

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