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Pre-Owned Chrysler For Sale in Falmouth, NS

Pre-Owned Chrysler For Sale in Falmouth, NS

Pre-Owned Chrysler For Sale in Falmouth, NS

At Pothier Motors, we stock a new inventory of the latest luxurious Chrysler models and offer high-quality used examples of your favourite Chryslers, so visit us today to explore our available models. We strive to deliver an excellent shopping experience and provide a seamless purchasing process to get you into your desired Chrysler model.

Used Chrysler Models

Chrysler 300

As the only sedan model from the Chrysler lineup, the Chrysler 300 provides a luxurious driving experience paired with a sporty appeal thanks to its stunning looks and available V8 powertrain. It also has a spacious truck to store cargo and has been in production for a while, making it a great model to shop for when used.

Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica is a stylish premium minivan model with outstanding luxury and SUV-like styling that makes it stand out from the competition. Also, it has an interior full of comfort-enhancing and premium features that will help you enjoy your commute with the family to the fullest.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

The Pacifica Hybrid has been available as a new minivan for multiple model years, and it provides excellent fuel economy, ideal for family road trips. Although it's more fuel-efficient with its plug-in hybrid powertrain than the regular Pacifica, it retains the same luxurious offerings and options, except for the all-wheel-drive drivetrain.

Chrysler Grand Caravan

As a recent model that has become a part of the Chrysler lineup, the Grand Caravan is an entry-level minivan that provides outstanding luxury and features, making it a perfect option for families looking for a used minivan.

Financing Options

Our Finance Centre can help you explore the available payment options to get you into your dream Chrysler model while staying within your specific budget.