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ICE All Stars!

Good News ICE Family!
Dylan at Pothier Motors is happy to announce an ICE All Stars Sponsorship program. This is available to ICE Parents and direct relatives of ICE Athletes.
What we are offering is a $200 donation towards an athletes fees directly through ICE. All new and used vehicles are eligible unless they are being sold 'AS IS'.
How do you qualify for the sponsorship? All you have to do is call or E-mail Dylan Routledge and let him know you are shopping for a vehicle, then let him know you would like to use the ICE sponsorship.
You can contact Dylan Routledge at:
Cell: 799-0185
Work: 798-9584
Once your vehicle is purchased ICE will be a sent a check for the sponsorship amount. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dylan for anything on the Pothier Motors side and Amy McDow for anything ICE related.
If you already deal with another salesperson at Pothier Motors just let Dylan know you are looking for a vehicle and who you deal with. After that he will let them know you would like to use the ICE Sponsorship.