Some people look for fuel economy when they shop for a vehicle. Other consumers are impressed with cargo space within the cabin of their vehicles. You might be one of those people who likes power within your ride. We know we like a powerful vehicle when we see one at Pothier Motors Limited. The Dodge Challenger fits the mold of a popular muscle car.

It has plenty of performance features that will make even the most difficult consumer at least happy with available choices. Many vehicles come equipped with one powertrain option or leave very little choice for the consumer within the various trim levels. The Challenger is not one of these vehicles. Look no further than the engine for proof.

With five available engines to elect from, one has plenty of horsepower within the Challenger. Combine the engine of your choice with a manual, automatic or electric shifter and the fun is just getting started. Try the standard rear-wheel-drive and other features with a test drive today in Falmouth.


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