Warranties don't cover everything, but car owners aren't without any options. Chrysler Mopar protection plans can help cover costs on eligible vehicles. Most "competitive make vehicles" fit under the description of qualified. Contact a Mopar rep to discuss coverage further. And the service plans could cut down repair costs significantly.

Necessarily, if the problem is mechanical, then Mopar coverage should pay for repairs. Don't expect payments for repairs needed due to neglect, though. Look into coverage that runs up to 8 years and 125,000 miles and pays for up to 5,000 components on new cars. Check out options for pre-owned and leased models, too.

Explore Mopar's gap coverage as well. With gap coverage, the plan picks up where your standard insurance ends. Such coverage could save owners a lot of money.

Preventive maintenance, however, may still be the best plan. Call up the service department at Pothier Motors Limited in Falmouth, NS to get routine work done.

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