Our team at Pothier Motors Limited understands how frustrating it can be to deal with the aftermath of an automobile accident. Luckily, dash cams are available to make the process a bit easier. We want you to be an informed vehicle owner and make the most out of accessories that can keep you protected. Here's some information about dash cams that you need to know.

These small devices are mounted to the rearview mirror so that they have a clear view of what happens on the road. They typically record whenever the vehicle is in motion and have quick-save features to protect data after an incident. If you get into an accident in Falmouth or beyond, the dash cam will provide you with video evidence of the event.

You can also record attempted insurance scams or vehicular damage in a parking lot. Whatever the case may be, the video recorded by the camera can be used to provide a detailed report to law enforcement officials or your insurance company.



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